Content Marketing

The best way to earn your customers' trust is to help them first.

Let's face it: content marketing can be a huge time sink.

You're sitting at your keyboard getting ready to write a blog post, but you have so much else to do that has to get done now and will make a difference now... potentially at the cost of your business's future.

Sure, you've built up a sizeable repertoire of posts, if only to keep Google happy and bring in some traffic. But you're not enthusiastic because it's rare for that traffic to turn into sales.

A long-term content marketing strategy requires a lot of faith. You can't just turn some knobs and double your sales. It takes time. And it's all but impossible to know from here whether any of this is going to pay off.

Your web presence isn't all that great. No one really seems to care.

The problem is, your web presence has to be your best "salesperson" if you ever want to scale your business beyond your community. It's no coincidence that most of your sales come from people you've talked to in real life. But that can't be your only option.

You worked so hard to get that traffic by way of content marketing. And then people get to your site and don't seem to care. They just bounce. At best, they'll read your blog post and maybe find it useful, but then they never come back, let alone buy your product.

A few good hours neurotically fumbling around Google Analytics doesn't really give you a good idea where people are falling off. Why don't they stick around longer? Why don't they sign up for your mailing list? What's repelling them? Are they all bots?

This assumes, of course, that you have traffic in the first place. Perhaps you've tried to boost it by buying some ads on Facebook or AdWords, only to realize that… people don't really pay attention to those ads. Even if you were rich enough to dump money hand-over-fist into ads, that hardly gives you an advantage against your competitors – they can do that too.

Is it time to delegate? To go on a mad hunt for copywriters and web designers?

It's no surprise, really, why it's so hard to sell through a website: how are you supposed to build trust on a level that even comes close to meeting people in person? Your visitors have no idea who you are. What makes you different from the countless other sites out there?

Constantly hustling for sales is exhausting.

The one thing that has worked is to hustle hard on every single sale. But "Sell to more people!" and/or "Hustle harder!" isn't sustainable forever, lest you want yourself some hypertension from all the Red Bull and stress. And it's definitely not scalable.

How are you gonna get organic sales growing, so you don't have to hustle for every single sale? There are so many ways to do it, but which one should you sink all your precious time into? Those are billable hours, after all, or hours you could spend improving your product or helping the customers you already have. If you spend weeks on building your organic sales machine and it doesn't work, how many customers did you lose forever if you'd just done it the old-fashioned way?

But you can't do it the old-fashioned way. Your time is tapped. When you're staring out over the abyss, realizing it could all come crashing down, it's hard to not keep pedaling away at individual sales.

Is it time to make tough decisions about what less you can do? Or perhaps it's time to hire a dedicated salesperson? Putting money into this forever sounds pretty painful.

So, is there no solution but to just keep writing blog posts aimlessly, in the hopes that those organic sales will eventually materialize?

What if you could turn your marketing into a machine?

What if you could take the content that's already proven popular with your audience and build it into a super powerful weapon that drives engagement?

What if you could make it a lot more likely that anyone who reads your blog posts gave you their email address, came back to your site, came to trust you, and eventually became a paying customer? What if writing each blog post made you feel like you were making quantifiable progress?

How awesome would it be if you looked at that bounce rate and felt smart? Like you're doing things the right way?

What if you had a way to show your likeable & trustworthy face like you can IRL, but to an unlimited number of potential customers, day or night, anywhere in the world, even when you don't have the energy for a sales pitch?

What if website visitors felt like they already knew you on a personal level when they give you a call or buy your product?

What if the whole thing could be kickstarted with some paid ads that not only encouraged people to pay attention, but to give you their email address so that they can learn more? What if those ads actually worked?

What if you had the foundation of a marketing machine, one that you could spend time tweaking to make it run faster, instead of merely hustling harder on individual sales?

What you need is a video email course.

Here's how it works.

First, put a video on your front page.

What's the video about? Something that's near and dear to your audience's heart, that causes them a lot of grief, and that is the main pain point that your customers pay you to solve.

Here's an example of what such a video might look like.


The key here is that this is not where the adventure ends for viewers. Sure, they find the video super helpful, but if they offer their email address, they have the opportunity to move on to the next part, and they get a handy cheat sheet that'll help them out forever.

How do we know what the problem is that your customers have? How do you choose your topic? By taking a look at the content you've already written that's proven to be super popular. If your audience cares about any given piece of helpful content, it probably means that you've struck a nerve. Let's go with that!

(By the way, simply having a video – any video – on your front page will cause your bounce rate to go down. That's to say nothing of one that your audience finds helpful!)

At the end of each blog post, add a signup form.

But not just any signup form. Give your audience a reason to sign up.

What's that reason? Why, it's a video email course that can help them solve a big problem!

Over the course of a week, email them the remainder of the course.

They'll learn to be considerably more awesome. And you'll have a fantastic opportunity to earn their trust.

And because it's a video course, they'll get a chance to virtually meet you. There's hardly a better way to make a human connection with your audience, short of actually meeting them in person.

And unlike IRL interaction, you can do this any time of day, even when you're tired or asleep or just not feeling it. We can capture your best, most charismatic performance on video!

The following week, follow up with a gentle sales pitch.

Now that your most interested audience members trust you a lot more than they would by reading a single blog post (and you've weeded out those who were never especially serious in the first place), it's a good time to pitch them on your paid offering.

Give them a reason to buy now. A discount or complementary coaching session, perhaps.

After all, if they got such use out of your free email course, imagine how much use they'll get if they pay you money!

The best thing is that this can all happen automatically, without any intervention or hustling from you.

Accelerate the process by running a Facebook ad.

An attention-getting, auto-playing video that shows your face and solves a big problem that your customers have is one that's likely to get them to stop scrolling through their noisy news feed.

And you can set up your ad to ask for an email address right there, within Facebook. The same rules apply here as for your front-page video: if they sign up, they'll be registered for the rest of the course and will get that handy cheat sheet.

Now you have the foundations of a marketing machine.

Instead of spending all your time hustling on direct sales, maybe make some tweaks to one of the course modules. Or change your copy a bit, or try something new for the first ten seconds of your video that gets more attention. Or split-test multiple Facebook ads and see which one performs the best.

You may find that simple tweaks make huge differences. And those changes last for as long as you run the email course. Each change you make becomes an investment.

A rolling educational launch sequence / email course means that, no matter how dicey things get with your business, you're never completely neglecting your marketing or nurturing those leads! This engine is doing that for you.


Hit me up and let's plan a roadmapping session!

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