Hi, I'm Nick.
I'm a content marketer,
motion graphic designer,
video producer,
and mad scientist.
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Content marketing samples!

Social-Friendly Video

These videos use engaging visuals, slick animation, and problems people actually have in real life to encourage people to stop scrolling amongst a sea of social media noise. They're a great addition to an organization's social media presence. When paired with a corresponding blog post, each video is a new opportunity to bring traffic to your site!

Bill Lovelace Contracting
How can you keep your pipes from freezing this winter?
Atomic (sample)
What should your app do if it's taking a long time to load?
How to Pull Off The Perfect Green Screen

Long-Format Video

How to use windows as your background without turning your subject into silhouettes!

There's one sentence every videographer dreads hearing: β€œCan I stand in front of the windows?” Of course, you know what'll happen when you try to do that: your subject will be nothing but a silhouette. This video teaches you how to solve that problem!

Replace big, unwieldy softboxes with paper lanterns!

It might seem like a dumb idea; paper lanterns β€” known colloquially as China balls β€” are rather flimsy. But they only cost five bucks to replace, so buy a dozen! Or buy the faux silk version, which is a lot tougher. And they can live up on the ceiling where they won't be in anyone's way. Use them to provide a broad, indiscriminate, soft wash of light in a room, or get even fancier by draping part of the light!

Bill Lovelace Contracting
Does your house have mold?

Has your house been smelling more musty than usual? This video can help you figure out if it's mold... and what you can do about it!

Show the usefulness of a "boring" product by turning features into benefits!

So, the other day, your boss asked you to make an exciting new product video. Ordinarily, this might be a project you'd enjoy, buuuuut... well, this product is really, really boring. How, exactly, are you supposed to make a video that's interesting and encourages potential customers to buy? Turn the product's features into benefits!

Blog & Written Guides

Be a more adaptable videographer by keeping these five items in your carry-on!
Making your first educational video in Premiere Clip!

Print Design & Downloadable Cheat Sheets

I design downloadable, printable cheat sheets as lead magnets for Fixing Your Video episodes. Click on the thumbnails below to see a large version!